I’ve had a few people ask about what gear I am using to record my videos on YouTube. Here’s what I’ve learnt so far and what I am using myself. I do think that anyone can create a YouTube video of their own adventures with minimal kit and with what they already own (a smart phone), but if want to know exactly what I am using, read on.

Writing this is reminding me just how expensive gear can be starting out, especially if you buy it all at once. I’ve built up my equipment over a number of years and I work full time to fund it. My advice would be, don’t be put off and feel like you need all of this equipment to start making good videos. Use what you already have first – a phone and then buy second hand if you can first from sites like Ebay, CeX and MPB.

Use what you already have first

The first video I made, which was of Pete and I bike packing the Outer Hebrides was all filmed on my i phone. At the time it was an i phone 11 Pro. I would suggest that you just use what you have first. Don’t buy anything to start out with, have a go and use some free editing software on your phone like ‘i movie’. Just make sure to film in landscape if you want to make a YouTube video and vertically for reels or shorts on Instagram/Youtube.

i phone 12 Pro

I now have an I Phone 12 Pro which I use to take all of the photos and videos on my Instagram page and YouTube. Read my other post about ‘tips for filming high-quality video on your smart phone‘ here.

I’m wedded to Apple now because I’m terrible for backing up photos and I find i cloud and the back ups so easy, but I’m not keen on these newer glass backed phones. I’ve already broken one i Phone 12 Pro, even inside an Otterbox phone case and it wasn’t even anywhere exciting, just in my house. Because of that I’m not gonna recommend a case in particular but I do make sure to always have a screen protector on the three camera lenses and the screen. Also, I always get insurance now after breaking a phone without one, I’d rather be covered if it is a newer model of phone that will be expensive to replace.

Tripod & Mounts

I use a mini manfrotto tripod which came in a vlogging kit that I got to go with my phone before I invested in a Go Pro. This is the videography kit below which allows you to attach your phone to the mic and film in landscape. The mic is really good, I should really use it for more of my voiceovers. Note that the tripod mount which is included as standard doesn’t swivel to vertical video, which I prefer for Instagram.

I also got this additional mount that can be rotated so that I can use the tripod which came in this kit for taking photographs/videos in vertical or landscape format when I’m out on adventures.

Go Pro Hero 9

I’m currently using a Go Pro Hero 9. There are newer models available. If I were looking for one again, I’d probably go second hand because they seem to be really expensive new right now and all of the recent models would be fine for YouTube videos.

Go Pro Batteries

I also have additional batteries because I find that one battery is not enough to film a whole day long video. I bought these batteries and this multi-charger so that I had enough power for a day or more of filming and could charge up quickly in my car if needed.

4K compatible memory cards

I’ve been filming my videos in 4K. To be able to do this you’ll need memory cards which meet a certain criteria. I researched the specs and found that these memory cards were suitable and were more reasonably priced than the big names like SanDisk. They seem to be working well for me so far.


I use a DJI Mini SE drone, for any drone shots. It’s not currently available, but the nearest equivalent entry level drone is a DJI Mini 2 which is available here as a Fly More Combo.

Power bank

I find that because I’m using my phone to take videos and photos the battery won’t last all day, to make sure that I still have enough power to use it in an emergency I have a power bank. This is the one I bought, it charges my phone fully at least four times. It also has ports which work for my drone and Go Pro battery charger.

Happy adventures!

Heather 🙂

Please note that as an Amazon Associate I will earn a small commission from qualifying purchases if you make a purchase using the links above. I’ll be using this to invest in better equipment myself. If anyone knows of any more ethical affiliate programmes I’m all ears as I’m not a fan of Amazon. Thanks!