Buying a budget sailing boat

Learn from my 5 mistakes and don’t get stuck in the boat yard.

I have actually owned 5 sailing boats. Three of these were sailed and two never even made it on the water. It’s given me a lot of experience of NOT getting a boat on the water. So in this video I talk about the five mistakes which I’ve made or nearly made which have led to absolutely NO sailing.

I talk about:

  1. Beware the ‘TLC’
  2. The Project Boat
  3. Engine Woes
  4. Realistic budgets
  5. Location

At the end of the video I’ll also show you the budget sailing boat which we just bought and will hopefully take us on some adventures in the UK this summer. I can already say, this boat is on the water and we have sailed it, hurrah!

My latest YouTube video discusses 5 mistakes that I’ve made when buying a budget sailing boat. Watch the video here.

Do you have any other tips to add? Comment below and help others get sailing sooner 🙂

P.s we just reached 150 subs on YouTube (April 21st 2023), thank you!

Youtube: Buying a budget sailing boat – how to not get stuck in the boatyard.

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