Sailing yacht Nokomis a 25 foot tomahawk sailing boat built in 1972.

Buying a budget sailing yacht

Buying a budget sailing boat Learn from my 5 mistakes and don’t get stuck in the boat yard. I have actually owned 5 sailing boats. Three of these were sailed and two never even made it on the water. It’s given me a lot of experience of NOT getting a boat on the water. So …

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Vlogging Gear

I’ve had a few people ask about what gear I am using to record my videos on YouTube. Here’s what I’ve learnt so far and what I am using myself. I do think that anyone can create a YouTube video of their own adventures with minimal kit and with what they already own (a smart …

A drone image of our sailing dinghy in a bay near Oban, Scotland
Adventures Journal

The ‘Leader’ dinghy and finding the right boat for us

The Leader Dinghy The leader sailing dinghy is a design dating back to 1961 by Gordon Pollard. The boat was built as a 14ft general purpose dinghy. If you want to know more about it’s history follow this link to the Leader Class Owners’ Association website. Our leader dinghy was built in 1991 so we …

Heather sitting on a cliff near Oban in Scotland wearing a big wooly jumper and cooking over an outdoor stove.

Hello world

Hello and welcome to my website The Wild Diaries, and what I’m calling my journal which is basically my blog. I’m Heather and I’m hoping to share my adventures big & small, and my musings on nature & life. My aim is to create a wholesome space, centered on adventure & nature to inspire my …